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A Short Story of a child and a porcupine, told by a person who lives alone in a desolate world.

Music by Kevin MacLeod


Buy Now$9,999.99 USD or more

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AShortStory-1.0-win.zip 44 MB
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I really enjoyed this! The aesthetic is really solid, you were really able to turn a simplistic art style into something more interesting and slightly unnerving. 

I'm also a fan of the story, which feels like a sad dream with a close friend that you haven't talked to in a long time. I enjoyed the dreamlike tone and the melancholy feeling you maintained throughout the game.

Excellent work!


Yeah I was indeed going for a bit of combination between relaxing and discomforting (unnerving)

The story was also designed to be dreamlike and melancholic~

Though the sad dream part with a close friend isn't intentional but I'm glad you feel like that~


Great stuff dude, glad to see you creating like this!



Yeah, it was fun~

But oh my developing a game is hard :P


Wow, I really liked this! I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I received! The atmosphere is lovely, and I think the sound and music effects were wonderfully utilized.

Even though we aren't given the full story of this world, we can start to piece things together. Something happened to all the people in this world, and our storyteller is the only one who remains. We are some sort of strange traveler who seems to phase in and out of this world. Or, maybe, this story teller receives multiple visitors who all appear the same in their eyes. Something supernatural is happening, and I like it!

The story of Amari and the porcupine made me sad, but it was a nice story and I think there is much to take away from it, so I appreciate it being shared with me!

If I recall, I heard this is your first game, and for a first game it appears you have a phenomenal understanding of the Ren'py system! There was even stuff I caught myself wondering how you did, like the audio blips when our storyteller is talking! I think that was an excellent touch and aesthetically the game appears very well put-together. 

I really enjoyed this experience! It was a short story, and a nice one! Leaves you wondering in a good way. I'm glad you made it and shared it with us! 


And yeah it was meant to be vague~

There's something happen but there's no much detail, is it supernatural is it a curse is it a hallucination who knows!

Also yes this is my first game! It was kind of frustrating to figures thing at first, but after awhile it's just go with the flow~

The audio blip is just script copy-paste mashup :D